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LookUp Construction Services, LLC stands ready to meet the needs of both new and existing customers. We are a full-service building and commercial renovation company, based in Burleson, Texas. Our customers and clients include governmental entities, municipalities, commercial businesses, and residential households in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. LookUp Construction Services, LLC was founded by Russell Broome. The executive leadership team consists of Mr. Broome as the company president since 2001, and Mr. John Hunter as director of operations for the business.

LookUp Construction Services specializes in complete, end-to-end, interior/exterior construction and renovations as needed. From complete commercial buildings and construction, to demolition, to installation of a single vanity faucet, we go the distance for our customers. Our typical customer considers more than just the cost of a project; they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their contractors run a respectable, high-quality operation. Our customers really appreciate the fact that LookUp Construction Services can transform their projects and unique ideas into reality.

Russell Broome – President

Russell Broome is about relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, professionalism, and outstanding results. In a business that demands precision and meticulous work, every detail and decision matters.  Mr. Broome, oversees all company operations, while ensuring the delivery of a quality product to the end customers.

Russell and his wife, Kimberli founded the original company, LookUp Properties in 2001. The company underwent a renaming to Lookup Construction Services in 2020 but the mission remains: To provide the best service and results in the industry.  As President, Russell is charged with ensuring job profitability, designing and implementing company policy and procedure, and continually improving our processes so every customer has an exceptional experience. Russell handles estimates, customer relationship management, and job oversight.

Prior to starting Lookup Construction Services and its former company Lookup Properties, Russell worked for the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Dallas starting in 1995. Over a five-year employment career with CCCS Russell’s career included advancement to the position of office manager. Russell holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Dallas Baptist University and attended the University of Texas at Arlington.

David Broome – Director of Quality Control

David, the father of President and Owner Russell Broome, oversees the quality of life division of LookUp Construction Services. David is directly responsible for site assessments, and customer relations for our Disabled and Senior Citizen customers. David, maintains an ongoing relationship with all our ADA and Senior Customers to make sure the highest level of quality work is provided. David currently oversees, the installation of grab bars, wheelchair ramps, threshold ramps, door widening, and much more. Our ultimate goal is to make sure accessibility and quality is of the highest importance. David’s oversight has caused this division grow to over 100 projects a year and growing.

John Hunter – Director of Operations

John Hunter joined LookIp Construction Services in 2019 following the purchase of Cedar Hill Floor and More (CHF&M) business by LookUp Construction Services.  John brings his business management and trade expertise in flooring design and installation to the LookUp Team.

John’s prior experience at CHF&M in commercial and residential construction allows him to specialize in every aspect of remodeling work – from custom cabinetry to full room additions. After a brief introduction to Russell Broome, owner of LookUp Properties, John saw the value of working in partnership with LookUp Properties company. The resulting relationship resulted in the birth of the present day named LookUp Construction Services, LLC. With the addition of John Hunter as Director of Operations, LookUp Construction Services has emerged as full service flooring store as well as a renowned multifaceted construction company.

In his duties as the director of operations of Lookup Construction Services, Mr. Hunter oversees every commercial project in the Dallas Metropolis and surrounding areas. John’s responsibilities range from Customer relations, to job scheduling, estimating and oversight. John’s expertise and knowledge of every detail of the job are essential to the success of every job. He works closely with Russell Broome on each and every project to ensure a successfully project completion.

Upon arriving in the town of Cedar Hill Texas, John and his wife Alysa Hunter while embarking in a new chapter in their life quickly realized that the growing town of Cedar Hill, Texas lacked a regional flooring store in the area. John took a chance to start a company from scratch. The Cedar Hill Floors and More (CHF&M) was born. Under John’s leadership the start-up company was able to achieve nearly half a million dollars in annual sales in the first three years. John’s prior experience includes 15 years in ministry.

Reimagined Remodeling & Roofing

Reimagined Remodeling and Roofing is a highly diverse company that expertly provides a variety of services ranging from elderly quality of life care, residential renovation, roofing and construction services, commercial and municipality construction services, and even interior design work.  With a focus on relationships and a strong core team of 12 employees; Reimagined Remodeling Roofing has worked hard to bring new and efficient creative solutions to their clients,  In 2022, Reimagined Remodeling and Roofing has partnered with LookUp Construction Services to continue delivering quality and explore opportunities for new growth with the team of LookUp Construction Services.

Diverse Services from a Diverse Company

A native of Houston, Jeannine Wright Kuhnell is as dynamic as her hometown. She decided to start the company after experiencing the joy of bringing someone’s dream home to reality while working in a nonprofit that assisted clients who needed a place to live.  Jeannine believes that building relationships, being a good listener, and thinking ‘outside the box.’ is key to the success of Reimagined Remodeling & Roofing continuing to bring new and efficient creative solutions to their clients.

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